Welcome to Digital Literacy, Digital Selves: Literature in a Wired World

I expect this to be a rewarding course for everyone, myself included. As we engage with the literature we’ll examine over the course of the semester, we’ll have an opportunity to consider a number of key questions. Some of those questions will pop up in different places in the course, others will be underlying questions that drive our discussions throughout. Some key examples are:

1. How do literary texts address emerging technologies?
2. How do emerging technologies shape our interactions with various kinds of texts?
3. How do emerging technologies shape or change our conceptions of what literature is or could be?
4. How does technology change the way we express and identify ourselves?
5. How does technology affect the production of power, as well as the production and reception of knowledge?

By Thursday, September 1, please complete the following items:

1. Watch the introductory course video; (PLEASE NOTE: this video was created for a six week summer course that was originally held completely online.  As such, comments about the compressed nature of the course should be disregarded, and you should consult the syllabus for assignments and deadlines.  The other notable change is that you will be completing a group presentation during the second half of the semester, in addition to the other assignments listed.  Each component of the course will therefore be worth 20 percent.  Again, please consult your syllabus about this and we will discuss in more detail in class.)
2. Read the course syllabus;
3. Watch the short course blog instructions video.  You’ll be setting up your own blog at the beginning of the second week.
4.  Read Walter Ong’s essay, “Print, Space, and Closure,” Katharine Hayle’s, “Hyper Attention and Deep Attention,” and William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 138″ and the title page to the 1609 sonnets (available on ELMS);  Read Chapters 1&2 of Literature in the Digital Age (available in the UMD bookstore)



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