Neuromancer – Blog Prompt #2



After you have finished reading Neuromancer, consider writing in your blog post this week about one or more of the following questions and form an argument that grapples with it/them:

How can we read the critical essay “Mythinformation” by Langdon Winner, published in 1986, alongside William Gibson’s Neuromancer, published in 1984? Are the concerns articulated in them complementary, or are they of a wholly different order/kind? Does “Mythinformation” help to cast Neuromancer in a new light? Does Neuromancer provide added texture through speculative examples to help us better understand Winner’s arguments? If science fiction is a form of history, as Gibson suggests, how does reading the two works together help us to understand the anticipatory “history” that Neuromancer might be projecting for us?

I will post another course video early next week to give you some additional things to think about as we continue our discussion with Neuromancer next week.

Reminder: Don’t forget to post your first reader response by Sunday night!


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