Blog Prompt #3 – Shelley Jackson’s My Body

For this week’s blog entry, we are going to perform an exercise. Pick one webpage from Shelley Jackson’s My Body that was particularly interesting to you, and paste its contents into a plain text editor like Notepad so that any hyperlinks or images are no longer embedded in the text.  Then, copy and paste the contents into the top portion of whatever word processing software you will be using to write your blog post (this will not count as part of your argument’s word-count).  If you are using WordPress itself to compose your  blog entries, you should be able to directly copy and paste the text from the webpage into the new post text box in WordPress, and any hyperlinks will be stripped out of the text automatically:

Screenshot 2014-06-18 05.47.59

For our second paper, due next week,  you will have an opportunity to work with the components of Jackson’s electronic literature that are enabled by HTML, but for now your focus should be on how the text itself is meaning, as if it were a vignette from a print-based work.  As I described to one student over an email conference during the first week of class, a close reading should explore the text for evidence, not just of what it means, but in some sense, how it means, how it conveys meaning.  A close reading might examine how metaphors are deployed, how phenomena or experience are represented, or how gender norms are represented or challenged. And, as a reminder, you need to cite or quote examples of whatever evidence you are deploying to support the argument you are making.  It is not, in this way, your personal opinion, or at least not simply that.  You must write convincingly about what the text is doing and how.  You are, in essence, looking at the text as an object of study

Please adhere to the blog guidelines and go ahead and cite the webpage that you are using so others can compare your arguments with the text itself.


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