Week 12 – Group Presentations 1 &2 – “Prosthesis”and “Arcoiris Paranoico”

This week we’ll be continuing our discussion of The Circle.  We’ll also hear our first two student-led presentations on digital literature of their choice.


  • Dave Eggers, The Circle, pp. 309-497
  • Listen to the collection of audio poems (6) by Ian Hatcher under the working title “Prosthesis
  • Go to the Jose Aburto site and find the link to the poem “Arcoiris Paranoico” in the word cloud you find there.

The Jose Aburto poem is in Spanish, so the group is providing the following translation of the poem to assist you with your analysis.

Arcoiris Paranoico

“Paranoid Rainbow”

I tried to cover the Spring with a finger

And I smiled idiotically

Not being able to remember the usual

Because the time had come

To rebuild, to revive, to go back to

That is to say, the time to look around

And not to recognize as one’s own

To realize that one doesn’t know

Whose house this is

Nor the children that run calling and laughing

Nor the woman who suddenly wakes up

With the sun by her side

I tried to close the window

But it was late, or rather

It was still too early


Choose one poem from the reading selection and provide an analysis of it for your blog post this week.  Remember to follow the blog post guidelines about developing an argument and use the close reading 2.0 guide for reading electronic literature that was included in your group presentation packet.





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